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And what is the difference? With just about everything in our world being deconstructed, examined and in the process of being put back together again, there is a lot of attention on lies, falsehoods, untruths and what is REALLY true. This can cause a great deal of confusion, disconnection and distrust. Hence the rash of


Patience, patience, patience…

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At the start of this new year, I asked myself what I wanted to focus on and immediately I heard the word “patience”. I found this both somewhat surprising and amusing as I am not the most patient of people. I know this! As do most of the people who know me well. So, now


When you’re stuck

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Regardless of how you approach life…… how well you manage your time, your work-life balance, personal meditation, exercise or yoga practice, healthy eating, etc. …….. there are going to be times when you become “stuck”, when it appears that you are spinning your wheels, not moving forward as you would like, or perhaps even backsliding to


Strength from flexibility

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Watching a young couple struggle with the challenges of a 10 hr 30 minute flight from London back to San Francisco recently, and managing their two very young children, memories came flooding back of many such occasions when my children were that young! I was reminded of the beautiful messiness of traveling – how it


Forgiveness obstacles

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In my last article, I wrote about the 30-day Forgiveness Challenge, created by the Rev. Desmond Tutu and his daughter, Mpho, in which I was participating, and how enlightening the process was for me personally. Truth be told, my practice stalled in the middle of the Challenge.  There were a number of factors that contributed


Beyond the comfort zone

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“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone”. John Maxwell, author and motivational speaker I’ve been watching my youngest daughter lately in her 2nd season of high school Cross Country running. Last year, as a new runner in her Sophomore year, she had nowhere to go but up – no


Letting go of the reins

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In a healing session, it is quite common to be advised and encouraged to “relax and let go” of energy that you might unnecessarily be holding onto either because you believe you have to, due to responsibilities, expectations and the like, or that you might be holding in order to control your path. However, regardless of the reason, relinquishing


Healing limitations

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“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein The sky’s the limit….. or so the saying goes! Do you sometimes wish that were true? That you could create and have anything your heart desires? It sounds ideal on the surface, but what would be the outcome? We have rules and


How does fear control you?

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What exactly is fear?  In physical terms, fear is a powerful mechanism designed to keep us alive or ensure our survival.  Without the ability to sense danger or a potentially perilous situation, we might unknowingly put ourselves in harms way and suffer the consequences.   The part of the brain responsible for processing these perceptions is called