“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – ( Albert Einstein, 1879-1955)


In this continually changing and evolving world, it is becoming increasingly clear that we must learn how to take care of ourselves, take responsibility for our lives and learn to live together in a state of acceptance and tolerance.

The path to achieving this lies in the recognition of each person as a unique individual – a spirit learning and growing in a physical body with personal goals and a unique purpose that cannot be compared to anyone else.

Intuitive Touch Healing is formulated on this basis.

When we begin to focus on our intuitive or spiritual abilities, it is important not to forget our nature and to recognize that our physical selves require as much nurturing as our spiritual selves. In addition to food, rest and shelter, we require TOUCH in order to fully thrive and integrate all parts of our being.


Sue Arlen – Founder

Born & raised in England, I began my working life in London. Three years later, in 1979, I moved to New York. Four years later I moved further west to California where I have been since. I am married and have 3 adult daughters.

As a child, I had some experiences that in later life I would come to recognize as resulting from sensitivities or intuitive abilities, but which were hard to understand or explain at the time – a vivid out of body experience in school, describing the “air” (on holiday with my family) as being different when we crossed the border from Belgium into France, hearing voices talking to me as I lay in my bed to name just a few.

It was on my arrival in California that I embarked on my personal spiritual journey. It began with having a reading, followed swiftly with a meditation class, both of which were life-changing events.

Suddenly my earlier “strange” experiences had meaning and I didn’t feel I had to hide or override a natural part of myself. Since then I have been practicing the arts of meditation, healing and developing my intuitive abilities. In 1991, I entered massage school with the goal of incorporating healing into bodywork. It was at this time that I discovered my true passion – helping people recognize their unique spiritual nature within their physical body through light touch healing sessions, assisting them in re-connecting with their own awareness and information. This has since developed into Intuitive Touch Healing which I love to both practice and teach others how to do the same.

My life and travel experiences have allowed me to meet, learn about and enjoy people from many cultures and walks of life. Using this information and experience, together with my intuition, I aim to create individual healing sessions geared specifically to improving your wellness by helping you release energy that may be causing pain, stress or preventing you from achieving your goals.