Individuality in healing

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Last week one of my daughters went through oral surgery to remove her 4 wisdom teeth.  I have been watching her healing process and recognizing how unique that is for each individual, even though there are guidelines, markers and averages given with the idea of assisting you through recovery and healing. (Not to mention your own


Healing is a journey

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Are we there yet? Perhaps you remember your parents’ frustration when you would ask this question every few minutes. Or maybe as a parent yourself you have had to answer this age-old question from your children. The question itself arises from wanting to be somewhere else, in a different place than where you are right


Mission Impossible

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There is a well of infinity hidden within each Soul. There you will find an incredible energy source, beyond your broadest understanding. It is Light and Healing. The Force of Nature. The essence of Love. ~Royce Addington Our limitations and success will be based, most often, on our own expectations for ourselves. What the mind