Enlightenment or ignorance?

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Which would you choose? Or do you in fact have to choose? There are many times these days that I come across people who are on a quest to find “the answer”. They are understandably frustrated and struggling with challenges and seemingly insurmountable problems. They no longer want to be where they are. They are


Healing your Holiday Season!

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The arrival of Halloween each year seems to be the signal for many of us to buckle in and prepare for the roller-coaster ride through the Holiday Season! From that point through until the New Year, life can seem like a tidal wave on top of which you are precariously perched! People start to mutter


Meditation in motion

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You might think of meditation as a motionless activity, although that in itself is an oxymoron being that the word “activity” by definition involves movement of some sort? For many people, the definition of meditation is creating the space to sit quietly without moving for a long period of time, allowing yourself to simply be,