Blog Title: Healing your Holiday Season!

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christmas giftThe arrival of Halloween each year seems to be the signal for many of us to buckle in and prepare for the roller-coaster ride through the Holiday Season! From that point through until the New Year, life can seem like a tidal wave on top of which you are precariously perched!

People start to mutter things about the “Holidays”, sometimes more loudly than others. Excitement, anxiety, resistance, stress and myriad other emotional responses increase as shopping malls, city centers, homes and business are bedecked with holiday signs, decor, gifts, “must-have’s” and “can’t-do-without’s”.

So, how can you create a Holiday Season that is validating, enjoyable, spiritually uplifting and doesn’t break you or the bank?

1) Regardless of your cultural, ethnic, religious and spiritual beliefs or non-beliefs, the underlying energy of the Holiday Season is one of celebrating life, recognizing and appreciating the positive in our lives, and affirming our creativity as spirit living a human existence. Recognition of this alone can help set the energy for a validating and enjoyable Holiday experience.

2) Resistance is futile! When you resist an energy like that of the Holiday Season the result is that you simply get caught in the middle of it, fighting your hardest to NOT BE THE EFFECT OF IT. It takes all your attention, focus and ultimately your boxingenergy. Some people believe that the only alternative to resistance is surrender and that would mean failure on their part. But does surrender really mean losing face? Can you simply allow the Holiday Season TO BE whatever it is for each individual? If you can do that, then you can create space to have your own Holiday Season experience – unique to you!

3) Look at what gives you pleasure, joy, positive feelings and set about having, creating, giving those things. THIS IS NOT SELFISH! Giving to yourself and making yourself happy will allow you to more naturally give to and enjoy others. The Holiday Season is as much about you as it is anyone else on this earth! Sacrificing your own happiness and enjoyment benefits no one.

4) This too will pass! As with every day, the sun rises and sets and another day arrives. Be present in each day and you may find the Holiday Season is easier to enjoy. Sometimes our lack of enthusiasm for the ride through this particular season comes from memories of past time experiences that we have not yet let go of. What are you holding onto? Are there any less than positive memories weighing you down? You have the ability to let them go and move on.

5) Separate from the commercialism, competition and frenzy of buying! Yes, there are times when competition can be healthy and we humans can grow and thrive as a result of engaging in such events and activities. However, competition has no place and certainly no benefit in the arena of GIVING!

6) Consider making time for a healing session, massage or other bodywork treatment. Taking time for yourself amidst the frenzy, can help you reconnect spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. It can remind you of your value and your path. You might also consider giving your friends and loved ones a gift certificate for some sort of healing treatment, thereby spreading the energy of spiritual and physical validation.

celebrationHow would you like to heal your Holiday Season?

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