Don’t short-change yourself!

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Can you have a massage, bodywork session or healing treatment for no apparent reason? If you ask me, then the answer would be unequivocally YES! However, I know there are many people who would find it difficult to answer yes without feeling the slightest hint of guilt – I shouldn’t spend the money right now; I


How does fear control you?

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What exactly is fear?  In physical terms, fear is a powerful mechanism designed to keep us alive or ensure our survival.  Without the ability to sense danger or a potentially perilous situation, we might unknowingly put ourselves in harms way and suffer the consequences.   The part of the brain responsible for processing these perceptions is called


The lights are on, but nobody’s home!

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I expect that you have come across a situation or two in your life where the above title line would have fit perfectly.   Perhaps you encountered someone who seemed a little “out there” or “spaced out”.  Maybe you were in conversation with a friend and, after describing an event at length and in great detail, you