Blog Title: Don’t short-change yourself!

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Can you have a massage, bodywork session or healing treatment for no apparent reason?

If you ask me, then the answer would be unequivocally YES!

However, I know there are many people who would find it difficult to answer yes without feeling the slightest hint of guilt – I shouldn’t spend the money right now; I have too much to do, I can’t make the time; I don’t deserve it.

Why is it that we find it so difficult to give to ourselves without having to justify that self-indulgence? – I need a massage because my neck is so sore; I need a massage because I am carrying so much stress and tension; I need a massage because I hurt my hip.  Why do we have to be in a bad way, sick or suffering in order to take care of ourselves?

What if you were to say to yourself, “I’m going to get a massage because I feel like it”.  Do you think that is something you could pull off, without all kinds of reasons why you shouldn’t do that popping up in your head?

OK, there may be special occasions when you feel it is permissable to book a massage – anniversaries, birthdays, vacations, etc. – but what about today or this coming week?

Let’s look at those reasons I mentioned earlier:

I shouldn’t spend the money right now

Sometimes this can be a tough one to argue, particularly when we are all becoming hyper-sensitive to our spending habits, and finding ways to penny-pinch, cut costs and save where we can.  There are articles appearing on a daily basis on the internet, in magazines and newspapers offering money-saving tips, ways we can reduce our expenses, how to increase our savings.

Well, what if you were to think of massage or bodywork as a savings account or investment in the future?  The investment of course being yourself and your future health and wellbeing.  Putting money away regularly in a savings account, retirement plan, 401K, etc. can be a challenge, and yet all the experts tell you it is the wise thing to do, no matter how hard it is.

Receiving regular massage or bodywork treatments is just as important and just as real as putting money away in the bank.  The money you invest in your health now will result in huge savings in the future – money saved on medical treatments, tests, procedures, prescription medications.   That money saved together with your good health will allow you to better enjoy your retirement – travel, hobbies, quality time with friends and family.

I have too much to do, I can’t make the time!

Possibly true, but how much of what you have to do is actually your responsibility?  Is there anything you can delegate?  Does everything have to be done right now, or is there something that can wait allowing time for you to get a massage or bodywork treatment?  Will anyone notice if your bed is not made, or the house not picked up?  Can that email or phone call wait until tomorrow? 

Making time for yourself now, can actually allow you to put the rest of your responsibilities in perspective.  With that perspective, you might even be able to more efficiently manage the tasks before you and, in the end, save time!

I don’t deserve it

Says who?  Where did you get the notion that you are not deserving of good health and wellbeing, or the idea that your body is not worthy of your love and respect?  Those feelings of unworthiness can be so destructive, and are most certainly detrimental to your health. 

Who’s judgment are you being the effect of?  There may be things about yourself and your body that you are not happy with, or even uncomfortable about.  However, massage and bodywork can actually help to eradicate those judgments and discomforts and assist you in beginning to accept, love and respect your body and all the parts of you – spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.

When you think about it, there really is no good reason NOT to give to yourself!

In these challenging times, don’t short-change yourself! 
Put money into your future wellbeing savings account NOW!

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