Blog Title: The lights are on, but nobody’s home!

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I expect that you have come across a situation or two in your life where the above title line would have fit perfectly.  

Perhaps you encountered someone who seemed a little “out there” or “spaced out”.  Maybe you were in conversation with a friend and, after describing an event at length and in great detail, you realize that your friend hasn’t heard a word you’ve said.  He or she was daydreaming about something, or lost in thought.  In other words, they were not in their body – they were on a brief vacation!

What does this mean exactly? 

Well, first we need to recognize that we are more than just the physical body we present to the world.  The physical part of us is indeed very real, visible, tangible, touchable and so is more easily recognized than the spiritual part of ourselves.  Our physical body is also subject to the laws of time and space that exist in our world.  In other words it is always in present time.

Our spiritual or energy self, on the other hand, is not so immediately visible or recognizable, nor is it subject to the same laws of time and space.  This does not make it any less real, however.  Let’s take a look at an example of the spiritual part of yourself at work. 

You are making plans to visit your family who you haven’t seen for many years.  As you set the date and book the flights, rental car, etc., or get your car tuned up for the road trip, you begin to envision yourself reuniting with your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, etc.  You can picture yourself going out for dinner with your family to your favorite local restaurant.  You feel almost like you’re there.  Well, the spiritual part of yourself is.

Your body is still in the same place, but your energy is elsewhere experiencing the upcoming reunion with your family.  Taking it one step further, the closer you get to your departure date, the harder you find it to concentrate or focus on the daily tasks at hand.  This is because more and more of your attention is on your trip and so more of your energy, or the spiritual part of yourself, is absent from your physical body.

This is neither good or bad - simply something to be aware of and recognize.

We all take mini breaks from our body, some more extended than others!  It is hard for the spiritual part of you to stay present all the time.  However, it is important to recognize when you are absent so that you can consciously move back in, bring your energy back and refill your body with your energy – this is how you will be able to create what you want in life, by being present and creating through your body.  A good place to learn how to do this is in a Creative Meditation class at Intuitive Way.

Sometimes when I am giving a client an Intuitive Touch Healing I will “see” their body as a house with many rooms.  Then I start to notice where the lights are on and where it is dark.  The more I help them reconnect and bring their own energy into their physical body, the more lights I see go on.

How does your house look?

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