Blog Title: Who gets left behind?

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When you start down the path to self-healing, you are making the decision to create change.  You are aware that something or someone is no longer working well for you or of any benefit in your life, and you realize that you need to focus your energy in a different direction – be it a career change, a new relationship, a spiritual awakening, a relocation or even a brief getaway.

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to creating that change lies in those people who are going to be directly affected by that change – the friends and family who will miss you when you move away, your best friend of 20+ years who depends on your undying support, the boss who relies on your talents and assistance on a daily basis.  Your decision to change and heal yourself will force those people into a state of change and self-healing themselves whether they want it or not!

Imagine that the change you decide to make is similar to a pebble that is tossed into the middle of a pond.  When that pebble hits the water, ripples radiate out from that point of impact.  Those ripples represent the effect of the change you are making on the world and people around you.

Now if you take responsibility for the effect your change and healing has on others, you might get stuck mid-flight.  You might find yourself in a state of suspended animation, unsure whether to proceed forward and make that splash or to remain where you are and maintain the status quo.

Does this sound familiar?

OK, so lets look at it another way.  Who has impacted your life?  Who made a decision to change themselves and the way they live, that directly affected you and your belief system?  Whose ripples did you become the effect of?  What did you receive from that experience?

Perhaps the change you are contemplating – the one that is going to put you on the path to self-healing and that is going to shake up those around you – is just what those close to you need in order to make some changes themselves.

We all benefit from change, even if we initially dig our toes in and resist every ounce of that change!

If it wasn’t for someone initially deciding to forge a new path and break away from the status quo, we never would have evolved to this point in time.

This world is all about growth, change and healing.

In the end, the only people who get left behind are those who are not yet ready to accept that change and healing lies around every corner of their path through life!

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