Blog Title: How does fear control you?

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What exactly is fear? 

In physical terms, fear is a powerful mechanism designed to keep us alive or ensure our survival.  Without the ability to sense danger or a potentially perilous situation, we might unknowingly put ourselves in harms way and suffer the consequences.  

The part of the brain responsible for processing these perceptions is called the amygdala, located near the center of the brain, which, without getting too scientific has the ability to override logic and reasoning.  For example, you see something curled up in the shadows of your bedroom floor at night and you suddenly think it’s a snake.  Your brain’s fear circuitry gets stimulated and your body experiences fear.  Even when you remember that is exactly where you left your belt and you realize it is not a snake after all, it takes a lot of effort for the logic and reasoning part of the brain to overcome the sense of fear resonating through your body, and for your heart rate to slow down, the adrenaline level to return to normal and your breathing to relax.

Fear can be both motivating or debilitating.  It can launch you into the “fight or flight” syndrome.  It is when fear becomes the dominant sense, energy or response in your universe, that you lose control and lose your connection with yourself.  This is the fear we have to fear!

I have to think this is what Franklin D. Roosevelt meant when he said “The only thing to fear is fear itself”.  When fear takes over, it is hard to see any way out.

In terms of energy, a similar response to fear takes place and your first chakra – the energy center located at the base of the spine – opens wide flooding your energy systems with information on how to survive. 

With all the physiological responses that get stimulated and the energy systems that go into hyperdrive, it is hard for the spiritual part of yourself to remain in your body and, as a result, you become further disconnected from yourself.

Even after the threat has passed and no further danger is perceived, it is common for both the physical and spiritual bodies to hold on to that experience – for the memory of that event to become embedded in the cells of the body and for the energy to become stuck within your energy systems.

This is how fear can truly control you.

However, this is also where Intuitive Touch Healing can play a part in freeing you from the grip of fear.  Intuitive Touch Healing is designed to assist you in releasing energy, concepts, thoughts and/or memories that prevent you from being fully connected with yourself and that control your ability to create your life and path as you wish. 

If you find you are fearful for no apparent reason, consider making an appointment for a healing so that you can receive assistance in letting go of past time energy from frightening events or circumstances in your life.  Maybe you can also find a little reprieve from the pervasive sense of fear and foreboding that is permeating the globe right now.

Don’t let fear control you any longer!

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