Superhero Syndrome

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Superhero Syndrome might not be found in medical textbooks, but perhaps it should be! Symptoms may include, but not be limited to, an overwhelming drive to be more, do more, stay on top of everything, go faster, multi-task, together with feelings of guilt and failure, anxiety and fatigue. Does this sound familiar? The technological age


Being comfortable in your own skin

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  How would you characterize your relationship with your body? Predominantly peaceful and harmonious? Or turbulent and emotional? You may have other ways to describe how you feel about your body also! We all need space to grow and change in order to thrive. This is true of both spirit and body. It is also true


Deciphering resistance

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Try as we may to go with the flow, be open to change, look on the bright side of things and “just keep swimming” we are still human and, as such, likely to find ourselves mired in resistance at various times in our life. As with any experience in life, there are both positive and


The meeting of the minds…

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I subscribe to “Spirituality & Health” magazine, a bi-monthly publication exploring the dimensions of spirit and body and the connections between those aspects of our existence. The latest issue (Sept/Oct. 2014) is devoted to food, our health and wellbeing in relation to our nourishment, how and what we eat and how that affects us spiritually


Where are we headed?

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As 2013 comes to a close and we look ahead into the New Year – 2014 – a precipice comes to mind.  Life is a balancing act and, in some ways, never more so than now…. The pot is coming to a boil – no, this is not the first time mankind has faced such


Sharing is caring?

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From a very early age, most of us are taught that sharing is the way to go – “Share your toys like a good boy, Johnny!”  And so the stage is set…. sharing is the right thing to do, the kind thing to do.  We become judged on our ability to share or not.  Whether it be


Individuality in healing

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Last week one of my daughters went through oral surgery to remove her 4 wisdom teeth.  I have been watching her healing process and recognizing how unique that is for each individual, even though there are guidelines, markers and averages given with the idea of assisting you through recovery and healing. (Not to mention your own


A request for help…

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This post is being dedicated to friends in need! A very dear, longtime friend, Laurna Malkovich, and her family are on a journey that, like so many, is taking unplanned and unexpected twists and turns. Laurna and Mike’s daughter, Morgan, has a very rare condition called Cloves Syndrome which involves vascular and lymphatic abnormalities. At


How well do you know your body?

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With so much emphasis on discovering your spiritual self, identity and information these days, the physical self – your body – can at times be left out of the mix or forgotten. Or, perhaps you follow a diet and exercise regime that you believe addresses and takes care of the needs of the body, thus


Your mysterious, wonderful body….

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How much do you know about your body? Do the workings of your body seem mysterious? Is your body something that is best left alone? I am currently in the middle of teaching a 4-week class called “Body Magic” in which we are taking an intuitive, playful look at the energy in and around the