Faith and flexibility

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I haven’t written anything in what seems like a very long time, although in reality it was just April of this year. Looking back at the last few months, actually the whole of this year, I can understand what has brought about this change in plans, or how I foresaw my year going back in


Looking for God in all the wrong places

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What are your beliefs and what is your concept of God or of no God? From the most devout members of an established religion, to the most zealous deniers of any higher power, we are all, at times, challenged to find reason and meaning in life. How and why we go about that can depend


Karma and your life….

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      How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours” –Wayne Dyer According to the World English Dictionary, Karma is defined as: The principle of retributive justice determining a person’s state of life and the state of his reincarnations as the effect of his past deeds. The doctrine of inevitable


How well do you know your body?

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With so much emphasis on discovering your spiritual self, identity and information these days, the physical self – your body – can at times be left out of the mix or forgotten. Or, perhaps you follow a diet and exercise regime that you believe addresses and takes care of the needs of the body, thus


The potential for harm in prayer

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Most people who practice prayer, whether it be daily, weekly or once in a while, believe it to be a positive force – something that is beneficial, helpful, healing – and indeed there is much to be said for the power of this spiritual support system. However, there are times when prayer can in fact


Spiritual wellbeing = physical health!

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That seems like a simple enough equation, right?  Nourish the soul and reap the benefits.  This is something we hear more and more these days from an ever-increasing number of sources.  It is beginning to make more sense to people across the globe, in all walks of life.  But what exactly does it mean and