Blog Title: Superhero Syndrome

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Superhero Syndrome might not be found in medical textbooks, but perhaps it should be!

Symptoms may include, but not be limited to, an overwhelming drive to be more, do more, stay on top of everything, go faster, multi-task, together with feelings of guilt and failure, anxiety and fatigue.

Does this sound familiar?

The technological age has launched us into a highly competitive, achievement-oriented, breakneck speed society where everything and everyone needs to be improved upon – or at the very least judged as to its worthiness.

At the same time we are experiencing a surge in awareness of spiritual and holistic practices which, on its own, can be seen as a very positive trend and a way to create balance in life. However, it appears that we humans are finding a way for even this part of life to fall prey to the technologically driven “improvement” process.

As an example, yoga is not just yoga any more. Google types of yoga and it’s amazing what comes up. Huffington Post has a chart showing 21 different types of yoga including Power Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yoga for Men, Nude Yoga, Aerial Yoga to name just a few.

Social media is filled with images of people living the best possible life, conquering mountains, saving endangered species, helping the homeless, healing the sick. Of course, it is also has plenty of negative images, hateful emotions being thrown around and righteousness from those who believe they have THE answer.

One of the outcomes of all this is what I call “Superhero Syndrome” and it is having a detrimental effect on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

As we move from one year into the next, we are always afforded the opportunity to look back, release, breathe and move forward with renewed energy and hope. If you are looking at your goals for this new year, I encourage you to be a little gentle with yourself.

If your Superhero cape is driving you forward at a pace that is uncomfortable for you, consider taking it off for a while. If you feel unworthy and unable to reach Superhero status, consider letting go of that image and give yourself permission to be yourself rather than attempting to match someone else.

We are each here for a unique purpose, incomparable with any other person.

Find a bench with a view, a quiet spot for reflection and just spend a little time with yourself, with your body, recognizing and enjoying the life you are living and creating one breath and one step at a time.

Happy New Year!

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