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And what is the difference?

With just about everything in our world being deconstructed, examined and in the process of being put back together again, there is a lot of attention on lies, falsehoods, untruths and what is REALLY true.

This can cause a great deal of confusion, disconnection and distrust. Hence the rash of conspiracy theories that are running rampant throughout the world.

During a period of overhaul and massive change, such as we are in right now, what was believed to be true in the past can be recognized as untrue simply because something new is discovered, uncovered and, as a result, renders the previous truth invalid.

Take, for instance, when it was believed that the earth was flat.

However, just because something changes from truth to untrue doesn’t mean it was a lie? A lie is a different animal. Energetically, (and even as defined in the dictionary) a lie is a deliberate falsehood intended to deceive. This can be used to control, manipulate, undermine, hide or warp your connection with YOUR truth.

And to complicate matters, truth is often something very unique and personal. What is true for you might not be true for me and vice versa. This is where the lines between truth and lies can become blurred because there is a tendency for human beings to want to be right. If someone believes in something that is the truth for them, and yet you believe something at the opposite end of the spectrum, who is right and who is wrong?

Right is equated with truth, wrong is equated with untruth or lie.
It’s no wonder there are times when we don’t know which way is up!

This is where introspection, going within and connecting with your own information, awareness, consciousness (through meditation and self-healing) can help untangle and/or resolve the confusion, disconnection and distrust.

With this in mind, I am teaching a workshop in July, on Sunday, 7/25 from 1-3pm both in person at Intuitive Way and online via zoom to explore through meditation and healing how to discern, connect with and own your truth in present time. Part of this process will entail finding and clearing the lies you have accepted and how those have interfered with your ability to own your truth.

Sometimes I see life as spirit in a body as a continually evolving 3-D jigsaw puzzle where the pieces morph and your journey is about finding your space within that puzzle daily.

Please contact me for more information if you would like to join the workshop.

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