Letting go of the reins

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In a healing session, it is quite common to be advised and encouraged to “relax and let go” of energy that you might unnecessarily be holding onto either because you believe you have to, due to responsibilities, expectations and the like, or that you might be holding in order to control your path. However, regardless of the reason, relinquishing


Truth & lies

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Recently, I have been looking more closely at the energy of lies and how that can negatively affect one’s health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, we are subjected to lies in pretty much every arena of our life and society be it political, religious, commercial, industrial, social or economic. As with anything in life, there are many variations within the


Pain and snowflakes

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Just as no two snowflakes are alike, the same can be said for pain – no two experiences of pain are alike and the possible degrees and variations of pain experiences are infinite. However, whereas we are willing to concede that each snowflake that falls is unique, we are continually trying to qualify and categorize


The stress of living with stress

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Stress has rapidly become an expected part of life, a necessary evil with which we all have to contend in our fast-paced society and lifestyle. There are drugs to manage it, therapists trained to assist you with it, healing modalities professing to reduce or clear it, classes that teach how to live with it. The


Recognizing your building blocks

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In my recent “Introduction to Intuitive Touch Healing” workshop in England, I began the day by teaching the basic tools I learned in my first meditation class (almost 30 years ago) and which I have been practicing ever since. I was addressing a group of “well-seasoned” meditators and healers and so I did wonder if


Pain without resistance or fear…..

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A few months back I wrote an article entitled “Addressing Pain”, in which I discussed two separate occasions when my dog hurt himself and how managing the second of those events differently, without being in fear, allowed space for him to heal himself more easily. Today, I held a workshop entitled “Addressing Pain” for a


The potential for harm in prayer

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Most people who practice prayer, whether it be daily, weekly or once in a while, believe it to be a positive force – something that is beneficial, helpful, healing – and indeed there is much to be said for the power of this spiritual support system. However, there are times when prayer can in fact


Is illness always bad?

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I’m guessing that your first response to coming down with a cold, flu or other illness is one of frustration, resistance, anger or perhaps even some fear. The subject of illness will generally inspire moans, groans and an overall negativity. Illness is considered bad. Illness means something is wrong. But is that really true, why


How does fear control you?

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What exactly is fear?  In physical terms, fear is a powerful mechanism designed to keep us alive or ensure our survival.  Without the ability to sense danger or a potentially perilous situation, we might unknowingly put ourselves in harms way and suffer the consequences.   The part of the brain responsible for processing these perceptions is called