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painA few months back I wrote an article entitled “Addressing Pain”, in which I discussed two separate occasions when my dog hurt himself and how managing the second of those events differently, without being in fear, allowed space for him to heal himself more easily.

Today, I held a workshop entitled “Addressing Pain” for a group of people who have graduated from my Intuitive Touch Healing program.

We looked at the energy of a physical pain memory and an emotional pain memory and worked on breaking down into more manageable pieces each of those events in order to release energy that may still be stuck back in that past experience, and that may affect their response to, or their ability to manage present or future pain.

This is something that became more clear to me a year or so ago after reading a book entitled “Break Through Pain” by Shinzen Young, and which I would thoroughly recommend for anyone experiencing any level of ongoing or chronic pain.

Pain is created as a warning to the body that something needs your attention. It is a defense mechanism designed to protect the body from greater harm.

In examining a pain memory, the workshop students looked at: fear
– their spiritual and physical response to that pain,
– where their body naturally started to fight or resist the pain,
– the emotions associated with that pain – fear, anger, sadness, shame, etc. – and who those emotions belonged to,
– where the experience of that pain sat in the cell memory and the effect that has on future painful experiences,
– the percentage of energy in that experience that was theirs, and
– the percentage of energy in that experience that was other people’s.

The miracle I witnessed today in my workshop came as a result of the participants taking back control over the painful events and experiences in their life. I saw how working with releasing resistance and, therefore, suffering from painful experiences changes the ability of people to control others through pain.

worldTwo of the most effective methods of control over any human being are instilling pain and fear. If the effect of those methods is diffused through conscious awareness, meditation and self-healing, what a different world we could live in.

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