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Recently, I have been looking more closely at the energy of lies and how that can negatively affect one’s health and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, we are subjected to lies in pretty much every arena of our life and society be it political, religious, commercial, industrial, social or economic.

As with anything in life, there are many variations within the spectrum of lying from mild to severe and everything in between.  The more serious end of the spectrum might include lying about murder or abuse, whereas the milder end might cover something like lying to your boss about a prior family commitment when you are invited to the annual company picnic.

Smaller lies, also known as “little white lies”, are generally seen as no big deal.  Casually handed out when necessary to protect someone’s feelings, to avoid an uncomfortable situation and assist you in following your desires, living your life, etc.

Are they really no big deal though?  What happens energetically when you tell or are told a lie?  The effect is similar regardless of the severity of the lie.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi might have said, it creates “a great disturbance in the force”.

Simply put, when someone tells a lie, they are showing you something, or presenting you with a picture that does not match the truth in their space.  The person telling or presenting the lie then puts energy in your space to not see the truth which disrupts the natural flow and rhythm of your energy, creating interference or a blockage.  Plus, they are burdened with having to keep or maintain that lie in their space – this takes effort and energy.

Similarly, when you create a lie and put that picture out into the universe of something that does not match the truth in your space, you are disrupting the flow of energy and creating, for example, a glitch in “the Matrix” – remember the movie?  You are presenting an image of yourself that does not match or fit with the true you.

Lies are created for myriad reasons.  In extreme circumstances, lies are generated out of fear - for survival, protection or self-preservation, maybe in a situation where your life or those of your loved ones are in danger.  But then again, lies are often created for personal gain, out of greed, competition and the like.

Regardless of the reason, lies require energy to maintain.  We become slaves to those lies, having to hold those pictures in our space, using valuable brain power and energy resources to continually validate them, lest they be discovered and the truth unveiled.

This is where the unwellness comes into play.

As mentioned earlier, the energy of a lie or non-truth disrupts and blocks the natural flow of energy within our physical and spiritual bodies.  Over time this disturbance manifests as a physical discomfort, pain, symptom or combination of all of the above.  Our bodies suffer from having to keep up appearances, pretend to be other than ourselves and hide or bury the truth – the weight and responsibility of that burden resulting in an overload in one or other of our physical systems.

And then there is the added challenge of being unconscious of some of the lies in our space because they have been part of our identity for so long that we ourselves believe them.

There is a way out of this game.  It begins with recognizing that you no longer wish to play, or shoulder the burden and responsibility of the lies you are carrying – that you no longer wish to pretend or compromise your truth and who you are, nor do you wish to believe those lies given you by others.

From there, you can look for ways to change and heal yourself and become free, for as soon as you make that decision the self-healing process begins.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through meditation and introspection – going within, focusing your attention on your inner voice and truth and releasing all the untruths, programming and lies through acceptance, awareness, forgiveness and amusement – yes, it really helps to be amused!

If you would like some assistance in finding the best avenue for you to pursue finding and re-claiming your truth, call or email me and I will be happy to help.

The truth is within your reach……..

And “the truth shall set you free”.


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