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In my recent “Introduction to Intuitive Touch Healing” workshop in England, I began the day by teaching the basic tools I learned in my first meditation class (almost 30 years ago) and which I have been practicing ever since.

I was addressing a group of “well-seasoned” meditators and healers and so I did wonder if there would be any resistance to beginning with such basic tools. However, I soon realized that despite their practice in meditation, they had not previously experienced grounding, running energy and defining their space in this way, and as I led them through these exercises many of them were surprised by how powerful these simple techniques are.

These tools are what I refer to as the building blocks or foundation of my spiritual practice in meditation and healing, and no matter where I go on my path or what levels of awareness I reach, I always have these building blocks with me.

One of the greatest advantages to these tools is that, no matter where or how you started out in this life, you can use these techniques to heal and re-build your foundation at any time.

Perhaps you were born into a family situation that was unstable, emotionally unbalanced or broken in some way. If so, your foundation or the building blocks you had to grow from will tend to be a reflection of that instability and dysfunction.

Although you may receive the basics of what you need to grow up and function on a day-to-day basis, you are challenged from the outset to find balance, validation, stability or a positive outlook on life physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

This is where these meditation building blocks can come to your rescue! When you learn to ground and own your space, you can begin to clear the instability, invalidation and survival energies from where they still sit in your universe. You begin the process of healing yourself and creating your own foundation, your own building blocks rooted in spiritual and physical validation.

This can be accomplished at any stage in your life, it is never too late!

If you would like to take this step toward self-healing and wellness, then I recommend you start with a beginning meditation class at Intuitive Way. The next session starts on Wednesday, July 6th. If you are not in the area, I recommend you check out the Intuitive Way website at and contact them for available e-classes.

If you have already learned these tools of grounding, running energy and defining your space, I would just like to remind you of their value which, after a year or even 30 years of practice, you might sometimes take for granted or forget the impact they had when you first learned them.

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They are the foundation for each and every step you take on your spiritual path to self-awareness, wellbeing and freedom.

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