The power of gentle touch

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Soon after I became a certified massage technician, I took a job working part-time at a health and fitness center where the majority of my clients were men who wanted deep massage – the kind that involves fists, knuckles, elbows and a great deal of pressure.  I’m sure you are familiar with the phrase “no pain, no


Managing spiritual growth……

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Have you ever embarked on a new adventure with a feeling of great anticipation and excitement – anxious to reach your destination, to arrive and experience that feeling of accomplishment? Making the decision to create a change, or choose a new direction in your life, whether it be in your career, your personal relationships, with


Touching the body – reaching the soul….

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Most people familiar with massage and bodywork are aware of how it can benefit the body and improve physical health and wellbeing:- improved circulation and muscle tone, greater strength and flexibility, relief from pain and tension are just a handful of the positive effects that can be realized.  However, I would like to address the effects massage


Spiritual wellbeing = physical health!

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That seems like a simple enough equation, right?  Nourish the soul and reap the benefits.  This is something we hear more and more these days from an ever-increasing number of sources.  It is beginning to make more sense to people across the globe, in all walks of life.  But what exactly does it mean and



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“When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”  When you read that statement, is your response “that’s right!”, or are you more apt to feel that you are not one of the “tough”?  Or, does your response to that statement change from day to day, or minute by minute? These days you might find


The lights are on, but nobody’s home!

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I expect that you have come across a situation or two in your life where the above title line would have fit perfectly.   Perhaps you encountered someone who seemed a little “out there” or “spaced out”.  Maybe you were in conversation with a friend and, after describing an event at length and in great detail, you


What is Intuitive Touch Healing?

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Happy New Year! Personally I welcomed the arrival of 2009 with open arms!  Maybe I’m being overly optimistic or naive, or both.  Perhaps I should believe the experts and “those in the know” that we have not yet reached rock-bottom, that the situation is going to worsen still before it improves.  And what if they are right?  Does


‘Tis the season to be…….

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How would you like to finish that?  What’s the first word that comes to mind?  It might well be “jolly” as the Christmas carol “Deck the halls” proclaims.  However, there may be times when “jolly” is the last word that comes to mind as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa approach.  To me, “jolly” is superficial, and doesn’t


Are you intuitive?

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I’m guessing that some of you reading this will respond with a resounding “YES”, while others will quietly think to yourself, “not really!”  The fact is, whether you think of yourself as intuitive or not, each and everyone of us is.  So maybe the question should be “do you recognize your intuition”, rather than “are you


Let the healing begin!

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No matter what your views, beliefs or opinions are socially, spiritually, economically, politically or religiously, right now we are being presented with the opportunity to come together and heal!  We are being asked to bridge the gap that divides us and bring forth the best in each of us so that we can forge a path