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How would you like to finish that?  What’s the first word that comes to mind?  It might well be “jolly” as the Christmas carol “Deck the halls” proclaims.  However, there may be times when “jolly” is the last word that comes to mind as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa approach.  To me, “jolly” is superficial, and doesn’t speak to the true meaning of the Holiday Season.

Last time, I talked about balance.  The Holiday Season is one of those times of year when balance can become precarious if we lose sight of what is important and lose track of ourselves and our purpose!  So perhaps, rather than try to fill in the blank in the title line, we could just leave it at that:- ‘Tis the season to be!  According to, “to be” means to exist or live, to belong.  I like those definitions.  Their simplicity seems to alleviate the stress we sometimes feel and can become the effect of at this time of year.

How can that be?  Well, stress is experienced when we become the effect of energy that wants us to be something other than who we simply are – more giving, more experienced, more capable, more willing, faster, smarter, different – and so the list goes on……..  In other words, stress is the result of someone else’s concept of who, what and how we are, as opposed to our own concept of who, what and how we are.

Those expectations can become so strong in our universe, that we actually start to believe they are who we are.  Then we get caught in the game of trying to live up to what we think is ourselves, and pretty soon we are in competition with ourselves!  Let me tell you, this is one game that is not only futile, but also destructive.  Nothing good can come out of being in competition with yourself – other than maybe the realization that you are there!  When you recognize it, you can choose to change it!

The Holiday Season is a time to recognize and celebrate our spiritual nature, freedom and autonomy regardless of religious, cultural or political beliefs.  The Christian tradition of Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God, a spirit sent to save us and FREE us from our sins – or maybe to free us from expectations!  Hanukkah represents a celebration of victory by the Jewish people over the Hellenist Syrians who outlawed Jewish rituals and forced Jews to worship Greek gods - a celebration of FREEDOM .  Kwanzaa “brings a cultural message which speaks to the best of what it means to be African and HUMAN in the fullest sense.” (courtesy of The Official Kwanzaa Website) – for a culture consistently dogged by oppression, this is a celebration of FREEDOM, integrity and validation.

So, consider this at this emotionally charged time of year!  Take the time to FREE yourself from the burdens, expectations and roles you find yourself the effect of.  Celebrate the true meaning of the holidays – spiritual freedom, autonomy, integrity, validation and respect for each and every individual on this earth, regardless of faith, culture or politics.

Recognize and love your family, appreciate and validate your friends, accept yourself for the unique spirit you are – allow the giving and receiving of gifts to simply enhance the true nature of the holiday season rather than be the main event.  Relieve yourself from unnecessary stress.

If you feel compelled to complete the title line, let it be this:  ‘Tis the season to be YOU!


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