Can a healer say no?

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And if a healer does say no, does it mean they dont’ care? For a giver, healer or compassionate human being saying “NO” can be challenging at the best of times and can seem downright impossible under certain circumstances. And yet there are times when saying no is necessary or, in fact, a must! For


Keeping the faith

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In what or who do your place your faith? You don’t have to be involved in mainstream religion to have faith. Even a non-believer has faith in their belief that there is no God. Faith is generally defined as a belief in something that is not based on proof. If you could measure your faith


Are you intuitive?

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I’m guessing that some of you reading this will respond with a resounding “YES”, while others will quietly think to yourself, “not really!”  The fact is, whether you think of yourself as intuitive or not, each and everyone of us is.  So maybe the question should be “do you recognize your intuition”, rather than “are you