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questioning and thinkingIn what or who do your place your faith? You don’t have to be involved in mainstream religion to have faith. Even a non-believer has faith in their belief that there is no God. Faith is generally defined as a belief in something that is not based on proof.

If you could measure your faith in terms of weight, how much would it weigh? And how far would be you be prepared and/or able to carry that faith?

In these turbulent times of political and socio-economic upheaval, many faiths and beliefs are being put to the test. In the face of a crisis new ideas, thoughts and ideologies emerge that perhaps call into question your personal belief system and even threaten the very foundation of your world.

How one responds to such upheaval, is in many ways dependent on who and/or what we place our faith in and how much flexibility and freedom there is within that belief system. It is also dependent on whether we hold more faith in a particular doctrine, code of ethics, system or organization than we do in ourselves.

If there is rigidity, narrowness and limitations in your faith, an attack on your beliefs will rock your foundation and may result in fear, resistance and vehement adherence to those values in an attempt to avoid what might be perceived as utter destruction and ruin.

If there is freedom and flexibility in your faith, an upheaval or other such threat will appear less as a personal attack, and more as an opportunity for introspection, growth and change.

Likewise, the amount of importance and weight you place in your faith in others rather than faith in yourself is directly related to how connected to (or disconnected from) your own information and truth you are. If that connection with yourself is tenuous at best, you are more likely to look outside of yourself for something to believe in and gain strength from.

This can work and even be supportive until that collective faith or belief system is called into question, at which time lack of connection with oneself will result in fear, confusion and irrationality.

Placing more faith in someone or something outside of yourself releases you from personal responsibility which, in turn, diminishes the amount of control you have in your life experiences. It allows you to place blame elsewhere should something go wrong but, at the same time, undermines your own natural abilities.

Faith in yourself can be achieved by developing and using your intuitive abilities through meditation, introspection and self-healing. Going within allows you to discover your own unique thoughts, ideas and beliefs and to gain an inner strength that simply cannot be matched by that achieved through outside sources.

smileSo, keep the faith! Just make it faith in yourself!

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