Integrity in healing

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“Healing is a gift that should be given for free” according to an old friend of mine, and a few other people I have come across in the past who may not have used those exact same words, and sometimes not even verbally expressed their thoughts, but the message was loud and clear. Herein lies


Creating what you want….

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It might be hard to believe that anyone would deliberately set out to live their life according to someone else’s goals or desires, and yet this is often where we find ourselves. Even if you want to, or have been taught to reach for the stars, make your mark, forge your own path, do those


Creating and letting go

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Whatever your beliefs about the life you are living, we all come charged with creative energy that we set about using in numerous ways throughout the course of a lifetime. This is what keep us human beings busy, engaged and hopefully out of trouble. Using our creative energy sustains and validates our spiritual growth. So


The integrity of healing

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I wonder how many practicing healers are making a substantial income and, of those that are, I wonder how many can honestly say they are staying true to their original goal. There is an energy attached to the healing profession that is interesting to me. It is something of a touchy subject. Example: Not so


Let the healing begin!

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No matter what your views, beliefs or opinions are socially, spiritually, economically, politically or religiously, right now we are being presented with the opportunity to come together and heal!  We are being asked to bridge the gap that divides us and bring forth the best in each of us so that we can forge a path


Believing is seeing….

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No, I didn’t accidentally reverse the title of this post.  I know the generally accepted saying is “seeing is believing”, but perhaps we can learn something new from looking at it the other way around.  Do we have to see something first before we can believe it, or can the simple act of believing in