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“Healing is a gift that should be given for free” according to an old friend of mine, and a few other people I have come across in the past who may not have used those exact same words, and sometimes not even verbally expressed their thoughts, but the message was loud and clear.

Herein lies the dilemma for many healers offering various types of healing – charging for something many people consider to be a “gift”.

How do you make a living, support yourself and still maintain integrity in your practice in this culture of competition in enterprise, winner takes all, “prove it” and having the latest, greatest product in the world?

As soon as money is involved, there is an expectation – that you will receive something deserving of the expense.  Couple that with the expectation that “healing” will make you better, improve your situation or cure you, it is no wonder that healers become overwhelmed, burned out or driven to find the “magic formula” that will put them ahead of others in their field and keep their clients happy and coming back.

Then again, I have found that giving of your healing ability at no cost is no more beneficial and, possibly even less so.  Because of our culture of value being attached to money, something free is often not considered to have much if any value at all.  In my experience, the least rewarding, beneficial or effective healing sessions are with clients who have been given a gift certificate by a well-meaning, kind, caring friend or relative.

For the recipient of the gift certificate, the session is free – they have invested none of their own hard-earned or closely budgeted money – and so, very often, they are not as present, connected or interested.

Unlike purchasing a material product, the value of a healing session is intangible and is most often gauged by how a person “feels” immediately following the healing.  And, unfortunately, this is where the crack in one’s armor can begin to appear and a slow disconnect from integrity occur.

The reality is, no matter how great your healing gifts, the nature of healing is that there are occasions when a client might “feel” absolutely no change, no improvement, or perhaps even feel slightly worse after their session.  The worsening of their symptoms or feelings often resulting from a rise to the surface of the energy causing the discomfort as it is released from the body.

But how do you explain that to someone who has just “paid” for a healing without coming across as uncertain or insincere.

The answer to maintaining integrity in your practice I believe comes from remembering and staying true to your mission (see previous post “Healers, what is your mission?  However you choose to define that mission, I’m guessing that when you decided to create a healing practice, you probably had thoughts of helping, supporting, validating and encouraging people to be and have the best experience they can in their body and in their life.

You are probably also aware that healing is not the same as a quick fix, that true healing is a journey which takes time, patience and commitment – and which can have its ups and downs along the way.

Whatever form of healing you practice, it is important to remember and recognize that it incorporates both body and spirit and is designed to assist each individual in finding balance and connection within their physical and spiritual space.  When viewed from this perspective, it is easier to stay connected with your own integrity and realize that there is no “magic formula” or winner takes all in the healing arena.

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