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What do you see?
What do you see?

No, I didn’t accidentally reverse the title of this post.  I know the generally accepted saying is “seeing is believing”, but perhaps we can learn something new from looking at it the other way around.  Do we have to see something first before we can believe it, or can the simple act of believing in something allow us to see it.

In the movie “What the bleep do we know” (about Quantum Physics) first released in 2004 by Lord of the Wind Films, one of the scientists relates a story of how the Native Americans were unable to see Columbus’ clipper ships approaching from Europe because their brains had no information on how to interpret what a ship looks like.  However, the Shaman was aware of strange movements in the water and because of that he stood on the beach and looked out to sea until finally his brain interpreted the information and he was able to see the ships and warn his people.

The human brain continually receives billions of “bits” of information, yet we only process a very small percentage of the information received.  The information screened out generally has no bearing in our daily lives at that time, and doesn’t fit with what we are taught to see or what we believe.  It doesn’t fit with our perspective.  Scientists call this “pattern recognition”.

So what would we be able to see, and therefore manifest, if we just allowed ourselves to believe or imagine something we cannot presently see?  In other words, what are you not seeing because someone has told you that is an impossibility?  We are all familiar with people who overcome apparently insurmountable odds to achieve success, who break out of the mold.  Perhaps their belief in themselves is so strong, that they can “see” a way out and therefore make it happen.  They intuitively know their path, their true destiny and they don’t allow anyone else’s beliefs or tunnel vision to affect them.

I invite you to check in with your own intuition.  You have it, even if you’re not currently in the habit of using or believing it – you just need to take it out of the closet and dust it off a little.  What would you like to believe?  Make the decision to believe it.  This will allow you to start to see it and from there comes manifesting it, making it real!  Not only is this a fun and exciting exercise, but it might actually result in you living a happier, healthier and more positive life, and we could all benefit from a little more “positive” in our lives.

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