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No matter what your views, beliefs or opinions are socially, spiritually, economically, politically or religiously, right now we are being presented with the opportunity to come together and heal!  We are being asked to bridge the gap that divides us and bring forth the best in each of us so that we can forge a path to healing, improvement and success.

Bridging the gap!
Bridging the gap!

This is what Intuitive Touch Healing is all about – bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual realms so that we can come together and be the best we can be.  Functioning in only one realm or the other does not allow us to draw on all of our talents and abilities.  It is only when we bring all the parts of ourselves – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional – together that we can achieve our full potential.

Many meditation techniques teach you how to transcend the physical realm, in other words get out of the constrictions of the physical body, and experience peace.  This can be a pleasant vacation, but if we don’t address what is driving us out of our body in the first place, when we come back we are simply stuck with the same problems.  It’s like going away on holiday because your house is a mess and you just can’t stand the clutter any more.  However, unless you actually do something about the clutter, it’s still going to be there when you return home.

If you make the decision to let go of the clutter, remove and release the trash, you might be surprised to discover what is underneath – YOU in all your glory!  Check out a Creative Meditation class at Intuitive Way.  There you will learn simple, practical and yet invaluable tools that will assist you in letting go of the clutter and finding yourself!

When giving an Intuititive Touch Healing, I am often afforded the gift of watching someone recognize a part of themself that they haven’t seen or said hello to in a very long time.  It’s like watching someone step out of the shadow into the light. 

Another way to look at this is to imagine your body as a house with many rooms and spaces within.  Some of the lights are on but some are not.  As you come together physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally you are able to expand your awareness into the other as yet unlit rooms and spaces, turning on the lights as you go.

It is time to let each of our individual lights shine – that way, together we can illuminate our path to both individual and worldwide success.  THERE IS ROOM IN THIS WORLD FOR ALL OF US TO SHINE AND BE OUR BEST.  Maybe the first step for you in achieving your full potential is to experience an Intuitive Touch Healing and personally witness the union of all the parts of you.  You will start to recognize and increase your awareness of ALL OF YOU – your goals, purpose, thoughts, ideas, talents and abilities that may have been lying in the dark waiting for recognition.


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