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creativity-flickrWhatever your beliefs about the life you are living, we all come charged with creative energy that we set about using in numerous ways throughout the course of a lifetime. This is what keep us human beings busy, engaged and hopefully out of trouble. Using our creative energy sustains and validates our spiritual growth.

So taking a look at what you have created thus far, be it a lifestyle, a passion, a career, a family, a technological advance, scientific breakthrough, friendships, relationships, or the like, how much of your creative energy is still sustaining those “things”?

If you are feeling somewhat depleted, stuck, bogged down and lacking in energy, it just might be because you have more energy invested in supporting and maintaining your creative endeavors than is necessary.headache

Are those creations self-supporting or do they require your energy in order to survive?

One way to determine how much of your energy is tied up in the various creations within your life is to imagine what would happen if you took yourself out of the equation.

If you think about taking a day or two off work, does your mind go to all the things that could go wrong? Are you in fear of getting sick because your customers will take their business elsewhere? Is the business you have created a viable entity that could continue without your presence?

Another way to find the answer to the above questions is to follow a simple meditation exercise. Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit undisturbed for a few minutes. Close your eyes and have your attention right behind your eyes in the center of your head.

Create the image of a rose for each of your creations – for instance one for your career, one for each of your children, one for each project, etc. You might notice the color of each of those roses.

Then create an image of yourself in the middle of each of those roses. Look at how much of your energy is in each rose. Do you take up the whole space, or are you just a small dot in the middle of the rose? Now remove the image of yourself from each of those roses and notice what happens. Which of the roses remain unchanged, which begin to wither and which collapse completely?

This is a simple and efficient way to recognize where you have your energy invested. You might be surprised at what you find.

Obviously, there are some places where your supportive energy is required, for instance your children need you to help sustain their growth in their formative years. However, do they still require your full support when they are in their 30’s?

If you find that some of those creations are able to stand alone when you withdraw your energy, go ahead and call that energy back to you – this is like re-fuelling at the gas pump, re-building your reserves so that you have more energy to devote to creating something new and different, or even just to give back to yourself.

You just gave yourself a healing!
It’s OK to create and let go….
In fact, it’s the only way to successfully and healthfully navigate your life.

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