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Happy New Year!

Personally I welcomed the arrival of 2009 with open arms!  Maybe I’m being overly optimistic or naive, or both.  Perhaps I should believe the experts and “those in the know” that we have not yet reached rock-bottom, that the situation is going to worsen still before it improves.  And what if they are right?  Does that mean we should just wait, twiddling our thumbs until “they” announce that we are on the rebound, that things are finally looking up?  I don’t think so!

2009 is offering each and every one of us the opportunity to affect change in a positive direction.  Our materialistic bubble of the last 2-3 decades has been burst and we are slowly, maybe somewhat reluctantly, coming to the realization that we don’t necessarily “need” all that we thought we needed in the past.  Perhaps we pushed the bar a little too far !

Invest in yourself!
Invest in yourself!

What we do need, however, is to reinvest our energy, money and resources into ourselves!  The only way for us to fix what we have created and turn things around is for each of us to be at the “top of our game” as they say!  If you are thinking that you are simply an innocent victim to the present circumstances and that you had no part in the actions that brought us to this place, think again!

So, I thought I would devote this issue of THE INTUITIVE TOUCH to clarifying what Intuitive Touch Healing is and how it can assist each of you individually to recognize your full potential and reach the “top of YOUR game” whatever that is.

The beauty of Intuitive Touch Healing is that it is NOT “one size fits all”.  The foundation of Intuitive Touch Healing lies in the recognition of each person as a unique spirit pursuing a life of growth and learning in a physical body that is entirely unique, and unlike anyone else’s.  Just as no two snowflakes are the same, nor are two sets of fingerprints, or any two people’s DNA – that uniquely individual personal stamp on a physical and spiritual level that sets us apart from each of the approximately 6.7 billion other people in this world.

The scope of Intuitive Touch Healing is seemingly limitless – why I say this is that so far, in the years I have been practicing, I have never stopped seeing something new and different - not only because each person is completely unique, but also because each unique individual is constantly changing.

Given that fact, sets of rules or parameters by which to create healing can be effective for a period of time.  But what happens when a person no longer fits within those guidelines or boundaries?

The intention of Intuitive Touch Healing is to recognize, identify and communicate to the multi-dimensional structure of each person both spiritually and physically at the same time.  It is designed to grow with you and change in line with your growth and change.  It is hard to describe in words the depths to which you can “see” a person when you address them with this intention. 

Not only does Intuitive Touch Healing regonize all the parts of each person, but also recognizes how much each individual is carrying, or is the effect of other people’s energy, concepts, ideas, hopes, dreams, pain, invalidation – the list is very long!

From that recognition and awareness comes the ability to separate from all we are carrying that is not ours.  It is much easier to find the solution to our own problems and challenges when we are not also trying to solve other peoples’ at the same time, if for no other reason than we don’t actually have the answer to what other people are trying to solve.

The importance of this unburdening and separating process cannot be over-emphasized.  It is the key to finding and living in wellness and, as a result, operating at the top of your game.

I just read an article in the local newspaper about “the recession and insomnia” which essentially described how when someone is unable to separate from the energy affecting us globally, their system becomes so overloaded that they cannot shut down, release and allow sleep to help the body regenerate.  One woman said that when she is unable to sleep, she gets up and reads the newspaper or watches TV!  From my perspective, reading all the negative news in the middle of the night can only exacerbate the problem of sleeplessness and certainly does nothing to assist in separating and letting go.

Intuitive Touch Healing is not about creating a new you, or turning you into someone completely different. That would imply that there was something “wrong” with the existing YOU.  It is, however, about helping you release any burdens or excess baggage you may be carrying.  When the process of releasing gets under way, then comes the fun part – uncovering and discovering more of yourself!  Finding and recognizing parts of your spiritual essence that may have been hidden under all the baggage for a long time.

Suddenly you are able to see things in a different light – and this is the key to being able to move forward in a positive direction.  We are all being challenged to find new ways to make the world work, because clearly the current systems have run their course.  The energy of the earth is shifting and we must find a way to shift with it.

Give to yourself!
Give to yourself!

INTUITIVE TOUCH HEALING CAN HELP YOU HELP YOURSELF!  From that place, you can then begin to find solutions to your current circumstances.  Your life is no longer out of your control – you reclaim the driver’s seat and can forge the path you originally set out to follow.

Give yourself the gift of YOU!  Try an Intuitive Touch Healing this year!

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