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“When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” 

When you read that statement, is your response “that’s right!”, or are you more apt to feel that you are not one of the “tough”?  Or, does your response to that statement change from day to day, or minute by minute?

These days you might find yourself picking yourself up off the floor and dusting yourself off many times a day!  You might wonder how much more you can take before you cry “uncle!”  We are continually having to pull out all the stops, re-direct our energy, look for new ways to solve problems and it’s tiring, wearing, even debilitating.

Our present circumstances can bring out both the best and the worst in people and it’s tricky when you’re not quite sure what you are going to meet in each individual you come across.

In December 2008 my husband was helping to organize a toy donation drive at his place of business for families in need of some assistance.  As we all know, this last Holiday Season was extremely challenging for almost everyone.  Budgets were being stretched to the limit and beyond.  Then one day a customer came to my husband with a more than generous donation for the toy drive.  When my husband thanked this gentlemen, he simply said “if I can’t help, then I shouldn’t be here”.

On the other hand, we have stories coming to light almost daily it seems about people profiting from fraudulent business dealings at the expense of other human beings, driven apparently by greed, power and obvious disregard for anyone else but themselves.

Consequently, everywhere we go we are having to be in a constant state of alert.  Would that person sitting next to you on the commuter train share their last piece of bread with you, or would they eat it and take anything they could from you in order to save themself?  This is not a good feeling. 

Maybe the issue is not so much about how to maintain, juggle, survive on a physical level, but more about how to reconnect with what matters most.  This is where healing, meditation and a focus on spirituality can help. 

Recognizing each person in this world as a unique individual with their own talents, abilities and wisdom to share allows us to move forward and find answers both individually and together – solutions that will benefit all people, rather than just the select few.  That recognition elevates us above the baseline competition that pits us against each other.  It presents us with the opportunity to work collectively and co-operatively.

Intuitive Touch Healing can offer you that recognition.  It can validate your unique abilities, show you your value and help you find a way to survive and even thrive without having to trample on anyone.  I recommend you give it a try!

When the going gets tough ………. reach out and touch somebody, extend a hand, see what comes back to you!

Maybe the pressure you feel to cry “uncle!” will disappear.

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