Who’s on your team?

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The say it takes a village to raise a child……. Well I’d like to address applying that same philosophy and principle to attaining and maintaining wellness…… Western medicine, particularly, tends to compartmentalize the care of the body. Doctors specialize in one area or system within the physical form and treat only that part. The belief


The healing power of giving thanks

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Yesterday morning I had a small window of opportunity to walk my dog, Buddy, but I was in resistance! I really did not want to go for a walk. I was tired and I just wanted to stay home. However, Buddy was not tired and he was giving me the look! So I made myself


Pain without resistance or fear…..

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A few months back I wrote an article entitled “Addressing Pain”, in which I discussed two separate occasions when my dog hurt himself and how managing the second of those events differently, without being in fear, allowed space for him to heal himself more easily. Today, I held a workshop entitled “Addressing Pain” for a


Growing your emotional self

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In my healing practice, it is not unusual to meet people who have a desire to address their emotional responses to situations, events, circumstances and the like. By this I mean people from all walks of life, including accomplished, successful, healthy adults who suddenly find themselves responding emotionally to a situation in a way that


Setting your own pace

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Have you checked your speed lately? This is something that comes quite naturally when driving, but how often do you check in with your own personal pace or speed through life? And is the pace you are going one of your own choosing, or is it being determined by outside factors? I expect most of


Defining healing

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Healing is fast becoming a more commonly used, widely recognized and accepted term these days, and yet for many there is still an air of mystique around the word. It is seen as something intangible, unquantifiable and, as a result, confusion and suspicion surround the concept. There are also many misconceptions about the meaning of


Keeping the faith

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In what or who do your place your faith? You don’t have to be involved in mainstream religion to have faith. Even a non-believer has faith in their belief that there is no God. Faith is generally defined as a belief in something that is not based on proof. If you could measure your faith


Your mysterious, wonderful body….

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How much do you know about your body? Do the workings of your body seem mysterious? Is your body something that is best left alone? I am currently in the middle of teaching a 4-week class called “Body Magic” in which we are taking an intuitive, playful look at the energy in and around the