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meditation - flickrHealing is fast becoming a more commonly used, widely recognized and accepted term these days, and yet for many there is still an air of mystique around the word. It is seen as something intangible, unquantifiable and, as a result, confusion and suspicion surround the concept. There are also many misconceptions about the meaning of healing, including the notion that it is something to be fearful of.

So let’s take a look at just what healing IS and IS NOT.

Healing is a vibration of energy or state of being within which anything is possible.

Healing is granting space, freedom and the ability to create change.
Healing is positive energy, growth, enthusiasm, amusement.
Healing is acceptance, movement, and neutrality.
Healing is finding and recognizing your own personal value and self-worth.
Healing is letting go, forgiveness, humility and simplicity.
Healing is tolerance and mutual respect for all life forms or beings.
Healing is vibrating in a state of no effort.

Healing is not judgment, intolerance, bigotry.
Healing is not achieved through control, holding on or static energy.
Healing is not negativity, narrow-mindedness or tunnel vision.
Healing is not puritanical, superiority, adherence to rules.
Healing is not found in maintaining the status quo.
Healing is not improving someone or something.
Healing is not blasphemous.

Healing is something that can occur when the spirit and body are valued, nurtured and taken care of. It involves communication, awareness and acknowledgement of all the parts of ones being.

Healing cannot occur when the spirit and/or body are ignored, denied, restricted or controlled.

Healing cannot occur in a state of tightness, tension or rigidity. It is an ongoing process requiring movement, release and fluidity.

Healing is not achieved by masking or removing pain and symptomspills - stock xchng through the use of pharmaceuticals.

Western medicine, its therapies and procedures provide the opportunity to remove, repair or replace areas of unwellness within the physical body which, in turn, creates space for healing to begin.

Healing is accepting responsibility for your own wellbeing and not relying on others to “make you better”.

Healing is going within, meditating and connecting to your own concept of God.

beachHealing is feeling the sun on your face, the warmth of a fire, soaking in a relaxing hot bath, or listening to the ocean and the waves rolling into shore.

Take a look for yourself at what healing means to you. Recognize that it is so much more than a seven-letter word and not in the least bit scary!

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