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At the core of my work, is my desire to help people re-connect with their body and to re-establish a line of communication where other energy has interrupted and created static on that line. This ultimately leads to a greater awareness and deeper appreciation of the body.

When I look back on my life I can see how I have been exploring what it means to learn and grow in a body since soon after I was born.

I generally see myself as a relatively healthy and strong person. However, I can understand why others, my parents in particular, might have a different view because of the experiences I had growing up – pneumonia as a baby, an apparent menstrual period and lactation experience when I was one year old, numerous trips to the emergency room, shingles at the age of 7 and so on.

As a parent myself, I understand the fear that surfaces suddenly when one of your children creates a learning experience in their body, and have struggled to see some of their experiences as positive.

However, we are blessed to have these amazing earthly bodies, equipped with a vast array of sensory organs and systems, for the relatively short duration of each lifetime and there is so much to explore and learn within them.

Recently, in particular since I turned 60, I have been aware of a general weakness in the left side of my body.  This has presented in the form of left heel inflammation, pain and stiffness in my neck on the left, tightness and tension in my left jaw and I believe this weakness dates back to when I broke my left wrist at the age of 6 or 7, only now becoming apparent as I age.

And so I have been consciously focusing on and wishing to strengthen the left side of my body.

Fast forward to this week, I was walking my dog the other morning in the park up the road, when I slipped and fell and fractured my right wrist (I am right-handed). The first couple of days involved managing the trauma, being somewhat out of my body – the gift of shock – and receiving treatment to stabilize the wrist so it can heal.

This morning, as I began to re-connect with my body and look at the lesson, I remembered my desire to strengthen my left side. Well, one way to accomplish that is to temporarily weaken or compromise the right side!

The last couple of days have involved doing everything with my left hand. And so as I write this, slowly pecking away at the keyboard with my left hand, I can appreciate and find some amusement in my current situation.

If you would like to grow your awareness of your body so that you can more easily validate, appreciate and accept your life experience there are many avenues available through meditation and self-healing. Sometimes, simply letting go of negative thoughts can open the door to a new path.

What do you want to learn next?

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