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meditation-stockxchngMany years ago when I began practicing meditation and spiritual healing, my teachers would say “heal the spirit and the spirit will heal the body”.

There is certainly truth in this statement. The premise being that when the spirit or soul of a person is recognized, acknowledged and validated as in the practice of meditation and/or spiritual healing, that spiritual part of you is able to nurture and nourish the physical body – spiritual energy is fed to the body, replenishing it.

On the other hand, healing the spiritual body or soul of a person is also possible, and at times necessary, by nurturing and nourishing the physical body – through physical touch or contact that is intended to recognize and validate both the physical and spiritual parts of a person simultaneously.

Touching the body, reaching the soul……..

Touch is something the physical form requires in order to grow, thrive and be well. However, there are times when touch can carry with it negative energy and/or memories causing people to shy away from contact or feel uncomfortable about it.

If a person has experienced pain, punishment, trauma or invasion in stress the form of physical contact, the memory of that experience is held deep within the cells of both the physical and spiritual bodies creating a distrust and disconnect.

This is something that can be healed over time when all the parts of a person are addressed in a positive environment and where touch is experienced without any demands, expectations, judgment or agenda.

Yes, meditation and spiritual healing can indeed heal the spiritual part of ourselves which, in turn, feeds and heals our physical body.

However, if pain and trauma have been experienced through physical contact, true healing of that trauma needs to be experienced by teaching the body to trust again thereby reversing the effects of the trauma and allowing for reconnection with the spiritual body.

In the hands of the right person, be it a massage or bodywork practitioner or a hands-on spiritual energy healer, both the physical and spiritual bodies can be taught to trust again – to recognize the benefits, validation and healing power of positive touch…..

Healing the spiritual body ….. through touch.

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