Keeping up appearances

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Earlier in the year there were a number of postings on Facebook about what you do in terms of your job or who you are.  In case you didn’t see them, they consisted of a series of photographs with captions underneath: What my family thinks I do; what my friends think I do; what I think I do; what I really do,


Inner conflict – is it in the genes?

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Have you ever felt as if you are being pulled in two different directions? For instance, you have a burning desire to create something new and yet all you can see are the dangers, possible pitfalls and mess that will result. Do you feel like a split personality? Part pacifier, part warrior maybe. Or perhaps


Recognizing and healing the roles we play

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Have you ever found yourself in the awkward position of addressing a co-worker as you might address one of your children, or talking to your boss the way you might talk to your spouse, or even chatting with your mother or father as if they were your best buddy? We all mix up the many