Blog Title: Inner conflict – is it in the genes?

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dna - flickrHave you ever felt as if you are being pulled in two different directions? For instance, you have a burning desire to create something new and yet all you can see are the dangers, possible pitfalls and mess that will result.

Do you feel like a split personality? Part pacifier, part warrior maybe. Or perhaps you are part dreamer, part realist. Are you a woman with a high profile career, struggling with the nagging feeling that you should be home looking after your children? Or a man bogged down in responsibility with no room to express your creativity?

Where does that conflict originate? What is the source of those polar opposites within your universe? Perhaps the answer lies within your genetic make-up.

They say that opposites attract. So let’s consider your mother and father. How are they similar and how are they different? What were their family backgrounds?

Perhaps your mother’s family were pioneers, adventurers, travellers, pioneers - flickr and your father’s family were pillars of society, dependable, loyal, grounded and rooted into their community. Perhaps your mother’s religious background is Catholic, whereas your father’s family were atheists.

The energy of their genetic make-up, together with their cultural and ethnic programming are passed onto you at conception. When you inherit the genetics of both an adventurer and a pillar of society, it can result in an inner personal conflict that directly affects your ability to create what YOU want?

When one of my daughters was four years old, we discovered she had a vision problem. She is very far-sighted, in other words her eyes’ natural point of focus is way out in the distance. Her eyes were having to work extremely hard to focus up close. The first eye doctor we saw explained that if this was left uncorrected, the strain would eventually cause the brain to shut down one of her eyes and it would turn inward.

Is there a part of yourself you have shut down as a result of the stress of managing that inner conflict within yourself?

The second eye doctor we consulted about my daughter’s vision, prescribed vision therapy to strengthen her eyes so that they were better able to focus up close as well as far away. Her eyeglass prescription was cut in half as her eyes learned to incorporate and work with the polar opposites of both near and far vision.

Would you like to be able to incorporate those polar opposites within your genetic make-up, to strenthen the parts you are less able to access and that get shut out due to the dominance of other parts of yourself? Would you like to be able to express all the parts of you and take advantage of your full genetic structure, both the messy, creative side and the practical, organized side?

Intuitive Touch Healing & Massage can assist you in recognizing and validating all that you are. It can help you release the rules and programming within the cells of the body that lock you into being only one thing or the other. It can help prevent you from shutting down a part of yourself, and help you resolve that inner conflict within your genes.
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Intuitive Touch Healing & Massage can create the space for you to more fully move into your genetic structure, to bring more of your energy in and become senior to it so that you can utilize all the abilities you have inherited as well as those you have brought forward spiritually.

Turn your inner personal conflict into an asset – from which you can learn to harness your full potential and function within your body at your optimal level of creativity and wellbeing.

I recommend you give it a try! You have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain!

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