Blog Title: The effect of technology on focus and wellbeing

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Can you remember when we didn’t have smart phones or tablets? As hard as that may be, it wasn’t so very long ago. According to my research online, the Simon Personal Communicator was considered the first smartphone in 1992, more than 15 years before Apple released the iPhone.

However, when the first iPhone was released June 29th, 2007 (a mere 11.1/2 years ago) our lives changed immeasurably forever. Since then, we have had the world “in the palm of our hand” so to speak.

Life before smartphones required trips to the library, encyclopedias, newspapers and atlases or maps in order to write papers, research, stay informed and navigate the world. Now we can simply use our handheld device to get the latest news, weather forecast, travel times, shop, see long-lost or distant family and find the answer to pretty much anything we can think of to ask “Siri”.

Not only has this made the world and our daily lives simpler in many ways, it has also affected our ability to problem-solve unaided. The mere fact that we can look up ANYTHING or immediately reach out to loved ones and friends, directly affects and impacts the depths to which we need to explore and exercise our own mind and spirit.

Add to this the fact that our brains are being bombarded with an unprecedented amount of information 24-7. News and information now travels faster than we can easily and smoothly process.

No longer do we have to seek out information as we used to.  On the contrary, we are being challenged to find ways to turn off or tune out of the constant influx of information we are subjected to daily.

Why do we need to do this? For our health and well-being. Because, under the relentless onslaught of data input, we are losing the ability to access our own information and awareness within the deep recesses of our soul, and this is not only disconnecting us but also allowing the brain and the information it is receiving to be senior to us.

Being able to simply “be” and tune back into your own self is of utmost importance in this human evolution we are experiencing.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with this shift in your awareness and processing of information, Intuitive Touch Healing can help. For the time you are on the table and receiving a healing, the outside world can cease to exist. It is the equivalent to a “time out” when you can tune out of all those demands and conversations in your head, in your mind, in your body and tune back into your unique spiritual energy vibration – your source.

The long lost art of sitting on the porch and watching the sunset can be retrieved during the course of a healing session. The value of “doing nothing” and simply “being with yourself” is invaluable in these fast paced, challenging times we are experiencing now.

I invite you to tune out of everything and tune into yourself.

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