Blog Title: Looking through a different lens

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When you “can’t see the forest for the trees”, it is perhaps time to change your perspective and look from a different angle or through a different lens.

At this time, all sense of stability and security in what we felt able to rely upon prior to this global pandemic and the resulting unrest has been dismantled. If you are feeling tossed about in a storm, as if the ground is shaking beneath your feet or as if you are lost in the forest you are not alone.

As with any trauma, your sensibilities become jumbled, blurred, numbed. It can seem as if everything is out of focus.

We have become separated from one another. We are unable to connect the way we did with handshakes, hugs, simple physical contact we have taken for granted for so long. And so, as a result, our sense of connection with self has also been disrupted.

In working through this transformative period of time both for myself and with my clients and students, I have been looking at and recognizing how our vision is changing. As we let go of and move away from past practices and ways of being, new vistas open up. Initially, this might feel a little disorienting and uncertainty can cloud your view.

It takes some time and some trust in the process for it to become more familiar.

I came across an example of changing vision recently when working with a client. As I continue to learn about aviation and aerodynamics through my flight training, I am experiencing an entirely new set of information for myself. Phenomena I knew nothing about previously are beginning to occupy more space in my brain.

And so, while in session with a client, I saw an image of her energy moving in a pattern that matched an effect called “spiraling slipstream” which is created by the propeller pushing air backwards and it actually wraps around the fuselage of the aircraft.

In terms of the healing, my client was changing the flow of her energy in order to re-connect herself with her body in a nurturing, protective manner. She was making herself a priority over others and giving her body the support it was asking for.

The effect was new to her and the image new to me.

It is moments such as these that offer a glimpse of the growth we are creating individually and collectively and, as a result, perhaps help calm the waters.

The irony is that here we are in the year 2020 having to adjust our vision!

How’s your 2020 vision?

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