Blog Title: Finding unity in the great divide

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In a recent conversation with friends, we were discussing the current political climate and how our opinions and leanings differ from those of some mutual friends.

We then went on to discuss sports and acknowledged the ability of sports in general to bring people together and unite a community regardless of political views, religious beliefs, social or cultural values.

This morning as I was walking Sadie around the block, I consciously looked a little more closely at my neighborhood and really became aware of the differences in how we all live. Each home representing the unique lifestyle, priorities and belief system of its owners or residents.

And yet, as different as we may be, we can find common ground in our connection to the neighborhood and community and our desire for peace and sanctuary within that community.  Should a natural disaster occur, I have no doubt that everyone would pull together to help each other out.

In emergencies or crises, political views, religious beliefs and moral values are put aside in order to assist our fellow human beings which, in the end, is what matters most.

The same is true within your own personal space.

I recently took an extended break from social media because I found that time spent scrolling through the posts was adversely affecting my persona or my energy. I was becoming a less happy person. When I consciously put my attention on what was happening physiologically, I found my stomach tightening, my heart beat increasing, my blood pressure rising and for what? Expressions of what is right and what is wrong.

As much as I have a desire to stay abreast of current affairs and trends, I found myself matching many of the opinions and resisting others, focusing on what divides us, rather than what unites us and can bring us together. Anger, hateful thoughts and outrage at what I considered wrong began to create a divide in my own personal space.

There is no disputing that horrible events are taking place in our present day world across the globe. However, this is nothing new. Atrocities have been happening since the dawn of man. We just haven’t¬†previously had the unprecedented awareness we find it challenging to avoid now thanks to technology and smart phones.

Each person has within them them the capacity for right and wrong, black and white, dark and light, positive and negative, good and evil.

Equally, we each have the ability to find balance within those polar opposites should we choose to. This, however, requires more effort.

Awareness and consciousness are not easy! Choosing to find value in all human beings requires humility, understanding, tolerance and acceptance. First and foremost you have to find that within yourself.

For me, the path to that place required disconnecting and un-matching from the sea of emotion and opinion blasting through my newsfeed on a daily basis.

Never before have we been challenged to manage the influx of data and information we are now currently experiencing. As a result, there are tremendous growing pains and learning curves occurring.

Personally, I am working to find common ground and what can bring us together rather than rip us apart. I want to try and understand those who make my blood boil. Because I believe not only will that unite us as a human race, but it will also help me understand and accept the polar opposites within my own personal space.


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