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Pharmaceutical companies’ advertisements generally begin with glowing reports detailing the incredible benefits to be found in their drugs. Then come a number of wonderful testimonials from people who have apparently reaped those benefits. These are followed swiftly by an alarmingly long list of terrifying possible side-effects, delivered in a low voice and at great speed in order to detract from the fact that often the side-effects outweigh the benefits in both number and intensity.

Everyone is aware of and familiar with this and we all seem to accept it.

Alternative healing therapies, however, seem to fall into a different category – one of incredibly high expectations. They are expected to have no side-effects and be nothing other than beneficial – that is if you believe in them. They either work and you feel better or they don’t and you move on.

In my experience, there can be “side-effects” associated with alternative healing therapies. When energy is addressed, moved and/or released within someone’s personal space, comprising their physical and spiritual bodies, it can cause an upset or imbalance for a period of time as that person’s system adjusts to the new vibration. There can even be an increase in discomfort or symptoms making one seemingly feel worse, rather than better. This is often due to the “problem” energy, or root cause of the unwellness coming to the surface and being released.

However, if there is a worsening of symptoms or more discomfort, it is easy to feel discouraged, frustrated or even that you wasted your time and money.

When someone makes an appointment for a healing, their expectation is almost always that they will feel better. This is the energy associated with the word “healing” – a cure is anticipated. This is understandable. However, healing can take time, particularly if the issue that is being addressed is deeply rooted.

The difference between taking a prescribed medicine and receiving a healing, is that healing requires participation and patience. Participation means becoming involved in the healing process; working together with your healer in order to allow for and create the changes you wish for, not expecting your healer to take the problem away from you, as you might expect from a drug.

Patience is required simply because the unwellness might have been building over a long period of time – months, years, lifetimes even – and so the release of that negative energy causing the unwellness takes time also.

True healing requires more than a pill or a band-aid. It requires commitment, courage, determination and the ability to see past any uncomfortable “side-effects”. In our fast-paced world of instant gratification, this can be quite a challenge.

Are you up to the task?

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