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meditation-stockxchngMeditation is almost as varied in its practices as there are varieties of trees, but for many the word conjours up an image of sitting silently, cross legged for many hours in deep contemplation and introspection.

For me, meditation means putting your attention on yourself, looking within and creating consciousness in your daily life, which is the antidote to being swept along by the prevailing trend or by what can at times feel like a tidal wave. It is also a way to avoid being caught in negative spirals that pull your energy vibration down.

Creating consciousness or conscious awareness is something that we can do each and every moment of the day and night.

Meditation certainly can be practiced for long periods of time in a quiet, serene environment with great benefits. However, it can also be practiced briefly and often throughout the course of your day and, in this way, can lead to a life that is more fully within your control and more fulfilling.

Let’s examine how….

On waking up in the morning, before you leap out of bed, take a moment to breathe and say hello to your physical body. Notice how it feels, stretch a little and start to put your attention on the day’s events, activities, appointments, etc.

If you are pressed for time, the next part can be done in the shower. While washing your body, say hello to the spiritual part of yourself – your soul – and start to set your intention for the day. What energy would you like to have in your day? Recognize that this day represents an opportunity for you to learn and grow and achieve your goals.

Notice if you begin to get caught up in the pressure of time, how to get everything done, anxiety over a certain project, meeting, encounter that lies ahead, and just allow that anxiety, pressure, stress to be washed away by the water.

Moving on…. while you are having your morning cup of coffee or tea and, hopefully, some breakfast, say hello to each person you are going to meet and interact with. Recognize them as a spiritual being in a physical body and send them a neutral hello. This grants space for each of you to be and helps to release any competition, negativity, conflict, etc.

On your way to work, school or your first activity, put your attention on what you would like to achieve there, and how you would like that experience to be – positive, uplifting, satisfying, fulfilling, amusing, fun, grounded, productive, stress-free.

You can even play with colors if you like and imagine painting each place, event, activity a color of your choice that feels or looks good to you. This is a simple way of setting a vibration of energy that is in affinity with you and your growth.

Get the idea?

This practice can be continued throughout your day, by saying hello to and creating consciousness in each and every activity.

Don’t forget……. when you go to bed, before you fall asleep, take a moment to recognize everything you have done during the course of the day and let go of any residual energy, any incomplete projects or communications. You can always pick them up again in the morning.

Then put your attention on what you would like to experience on the astral while your body is sleeping. Yes, you can create the energy you’d like in your dream space also! You might find you sleep better and more peacefully…

Of course, there are going to be some days when this practice is easier to do than others, but then again that’s the nature of life.

meditation - flickrHave fun with meditating your way through your days and enjoy the healing you create as a result!

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