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Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of living as spirit in the physical world is letting go……whether it be physical possessions, your youth, emotional ties, out-dated beliefs, abuse, responsibility for others, loved ones as they grow, move on, pass away….it can be so very painful!

And yet the ability to let go is crucial to living a happy, healthy, peaceful life.

Physical bodies like to hold onto or sustain energy, emotions, even pain – perhaps because letting go can feel like death.  Take, for example, someone who embarks on a diet of some sort with the desire to lose weight – a diet that involves reducing the amount of food and/or calories consumed – only to find that not only do they NOT lose weight, they may actually gain a few pounds.

The body, sensing the reduction in fuel will automatically lower its rate of metabolism and consciously go into storage mode, holding onto and storing the energy of the food it is given so that it does not perish.

So, if you consider each time your body has gone into self-preservation mode and held on tightly to whatever you and it were in the middle of at the time, you might begin to have an understanding of how much energy you are carrying in your physical and spiritual space – and just how much that could be weighing you down, making it difficult to move forward…..

Letting go, however, requires a dialogue between spirit and body – a conversation geared to getting to know each other better – not unlike meeting someone new for the first time.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to create this dialogue is through meditation. When you take the time to focus inward and put your attention on both the physical and spiritual parts of yourself, you have the opportunity to recognize all that you are managing, where your energy might be caught and what it is that you might wish to let go.

When was the last time you had a chat with your body?  It is not uncommon to spend more time talking with your pets and/or plants than with your own body!

Another way to establish that communication with your body, is through Intuitive Touch healing.  When you combine physical touch with spiritual recognition, there is a deepening of that connection, a building of trust between body and soul.

This trust then enables both spirit and body to begin to let go, to release that which doesn’t belong, that which is negative be it thoughts, images, emotions or sensations – excess energy baggage.

What would you like to let go of?


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