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band aid - stock xchngAn elderly lady I know recently had a fall and cut her leg quite badly. The wound went deep into the tissue. Because of her age, the treatment and healing process involved keeping the injured area dry and having the wound dressed on a weekly basis.

The medical staff wanted the wound to heal from the deepest part first out to the outer layers of the skin. If the skin just sealed over, the wound could fester below the surface and create more problems down the road. In other words, it would not heal properly.

It made sense to me as this is how I believe all problems should be addressed, be they physical, spiritual, mental or emotional.

pills - stock xchngAll too often, we look for the quick fix – slap a band-aid on the problem, suppress the symptoms, pop a pain pill, sleeping pill or anti-depressant so we can get back to “normal” life.

We look for that quick fix because healing from the inside out can take a considerable amount of time and often prolong the discomfort associated with the problem.

In this fast-paced, high expectations, high stress world we inhabit, time is of the essence.

For example, a friend of mine works for an organization where management is expected to come to work when they are sick, and stay there as long as they possibly can. This is supposed to set an example and enhance the productivity of the business!

A little short-sighted and misguided in my opinion! Not only is the unwell individual expected to ignore what may be going on in their physical body which could result in a worsening of the illness and a prolonged absense from work, they also run the risk of spreading any contagious illnesses to the rest of the workforce, therefore potentially drastically reducing the productivity of that business.

What happens when we look for that quick fix? Does putting a band-aid on a gaping wound really help?

We are being asked and taught to ignore, deny, neglect and disconnect from ourselves, thereby allowing the root cause of the problem to fester below the surface until it rears it’s ugly head again. We are being taught to prolong unwellness!

Many people come to me with ongoing, unresolved physical problems, pain and unwellness that the medical community is unable to diagnose or successfully treat.

Often this is because the root of the problem itself is of a spiritual nature. In other words, energy from past traumas, emotionally painful experiences, invalidation or punishment remains stuck in a person’s physical body.

When not recognized, those unresolved spiritual or energy problems will eventually no longer remain below the surface, hidden from view, quietly festering. Instead, they erupt and demand our attention. Just like a clogged drain, any block in your energy system creates a back-up which eventually emerges as physical pain, discomfort and unwellness.

When I work with people in my healing sessions, I look for the root cause of those problems so that healing from the inside out can begin and so that, hopefully, those issues can be resolved over time and not have to be carried forward any longer.

So…. what deep wounds have you brought forward spiritually this time around that you would like to work towards healing from the inside out? What damage have you sustained during this current lifetime that has been brushed over or swept under the rug in the interests of trying to maintain a normal life?

red cross - stock xchngKeeping them buried can only work for so long!

The benefits of healing from the inside out far outweigh any available quick fix. I recommend you give it a try!

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