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Remember when you were very young and you would be achy or sore and your mother would say, “don’t worry, it’s just growing pains”. This was because your physical body was stretching, elongating, increasing in size, volume, etc. Your bones were lengthening, your flesh, muscles and tendons were stretching around them, cells were multiplying rapidly, major organs were expanding, teeth were cutting through gum tissue.

And it was not comfortable. Sometimes it was downright painful! But then the growth spurt would ease up, the pain would dissipate and your body would settle into its new look and feel.

Well, even though your body reached its full height in your teens or early adulthood, you the spirit continue to grow as you journey through life, gathering knowledge and life experience and, as a result, your body continues to shift and change with the ebb and flow of those experiences.

Each day, with every encounter and experience, we have the opportunity for growth. We are going to change no matter what because nothing stays the same – that is the nature of this world we live in. How we approach, manage and accept that change can have a direct impact on our enjoyment of life and determine if the growth we experience is comfortable or painful.

Growing requires letting go at the same time as we reach forward for something new. This can create a sense of vulnerability, uncertainty and sensitivity. At times, it is very challenging to let go of something in which we have invested a lot of energy – a relationship, a job or career path, an image of ourselves, a mindset or belief.

And, even though we want to reach for that new place we are headed, it can seem unfamiliar, scary and intimidating. So, we hover between those two places while we process the energy and steps we need to take on either end.

This is where discomfort, pain, fear, anxiety – in other words “growing pains” – are most often experienced. It is in this space, which can feel like being in limbo or in a state of flux, that you and your body become disconnected, separated from each other and out of alignment.

During these transitions, you might experience losing things such as house or car keys, tripping, bumping into things or feeling a little more clumsy or awkward. And it is easy to berate ourselves over our awkwardness and clumsiness or, worse, to resist! Resistance will just hold you in place, prolonging the discomfort and preventing both the letting go and the reaching forward.

Receiving a healing can help free up your energy where it is resisting or holding on, and ease fear or anxiety of moving forward.

One of the advantages of Intuitive Touch Healing is that it connects spirit and body through direct contact and intention. This is important because the closer you and your body can be to each other, the more smoothly you can manage transition.

Healing creates change, offering a new perspective and even bringing some amusement to seemingly heavy and serious situations.

And we all know that laughter really is the best medicine!

Happy growth to you. Enjoy the ride!




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