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When words escape you….. look to your body to do the talking for you.

Our bodies speak volumes about our unexpressed feelings, reactions, sensitivities and experiences, regardless of whether we are able to verbally express ourselves or not, through what is commonly known as “body language”.

From how you hold your hands, to how you look at people you are talking to, from how you stand or sit, to how you move while walking….

When you talk with someone and turn your eyes away from theirs, is it because you are about to say something you know they don’t wish to hear, because you know that your communication is unwelcomed and you are about to get hit with some energy?  Perhaps you are challenging their authority, questioning their truth or lighting up some pain in their space.  Or maybe they have so much attention in your head, that the only way you can think clearly is to turn away from that attention.

When you bow your head or hunch your shoulders, is it as a result of the many times you have been told you are wrong, worthless or shameful and so you are now protecting that heart of yours from further pain and invalidation?

If you grew up in an environment where physical affection was given freely, and you go to hug a friend or acquaintance who’s childhood upbringing was quite the opposite, you may find they shy away from that embrace or that physical contact.  Their body may go into fear.  If they were deprived of physical affection, they may not know how to respond, nor understand the meaning of the contact.  If their experience was that physical contact was given out only in the form of punishment, their response will be to contract, withdraw and protect.

What is your body saying when your chest is puffed out, you’re holding your head high and you walk like you’re floating on air?  Or strutting your stuff?  Could it be that you are feeling good about yourself and have been validated in some way?

When someone is skipping down the street, it’s pretty clear that they are happy and feeling good.

Our bodies reflect the energy we are experiencing, and have experienced as we journey through life.  Over time the energy that builds up in our space about who we are - our self-worth, self-love, etc. - will be visible in the way we hold, move and/or occupy our bodies.

The body rarely lies!

Examining our own body’s communication or language can be a valuable tool in recognizing the energy or concepts we are being the effect of, the energy we are carrying and, as a result, where we can direct our attention in order to heal ourselves.

Sometimes a simple hello to the body in a safe, neutral, grounded environment is all that is needed to begin to decode that language.  This is the gift of Intuitive Touch Healing.  When an experienced, intuitive healer opens a line of communication to the body and the spirit that owns that body (a spiritual dialogue) through neutral, non-judgmental physical contact, this results in permission to accept, release, relax and heal.

Many people leave a session of Intuitive Touch Healing feeling taller, lighter, relaxed, peaceful and at ease!

Would you like to give it a try?



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