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nouturnsignHave you ever set out in your car only to realize a few miles down the road that you are going the wrong way?

What do you do when you discover this? Do you make a u-turn and go back the other way, do you stop and ask for help or do you keep going hoping that you’ll find another way to your destination?

How you answer may say a lot about what drives you spiritually on your journey through life.

Our life path is a never-ending adventure through twists and turns, roadblocks and detours some of which are more challenging to roadsignnavigate or circumvent than others.

– Does having to make a u-turn mean that you have failed in some way?
– Were you taught to pick a route or path and stick to it regardless of how you feel about it or how you might grow and change along the way?
– Would changing directions test the strength of your relationships with family or friends?
– Would making that u-turn provide you with the opportunity to heal yourself and turn over a new leaf?

Sometimes we find ourselves on a path, or going in a direction that has been designed or created by those around us. This may work for a while and can even provide some comfort. It feels good to have company and the support of others.

However, if that route is taking you in a direction that is unfulfilling, does not nourish your soul or validate your own unique abilities and goals, it is important to recognize this and make that u-turn.

It is not necessarily easy to make that turn, to go against the prevailing trend or to fly solo but, as with everything in life, the process of making a transition is temporary and the energy will settle.

You will also learn a lot about the people in your life: who can allow you to be free and follow your own path, and who is only there for you when you go the way they are going.

As we come to the end of the year, and a new year is just a few days away, what better time to take a look at where you are going.

wrongwaysignAre you on the right path, or is it time to make that u-turn?

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