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Or are you afraid to even consider you might need help?

For those of you who are givers and healers – I’m guessing that pretty much covers everyone reading this – it can be particularly challenging to admit that you could use some help.  After all, you are used to being the one to offer and willingly give help to whoever may require it!

You have the ability to see how to make a difference – for the better – in someone else’s world.  And yet, when it comes to you, it’s much more difficult.

When you have so much of your attention outside of yourself, focusing on others and their needs, it can seem almost impossible to bring that focus back home, to allow the world to take care of itself for a moment and to recognize what needs attending to in your house – the body you inhabit as spirit.  Particularly when there are so many struggling possibly more than you.

However, the best gift a healer and giver can offer those around them, is to take care of themselves – to lead by example.

The best way to achieve this that I know of is through regular meditation.  Meditation provides a time-out, the opportunity to breathe, to rest, to separate from the buzz, the demands, responsibilities and expectations – and to go within, to say hello to yourself, to check in with your body, with yourself as spirit.

If you would like to give this a try, I’m here to help!

I offer a weekly guided recorded 30 minute meditation, sent to you via email every Sunday, that can be downloaded to your computer, smartphone or tablet and practiced once or as many times as you like during the week, at your leisure and whenever it is convenient to you.

Developing a regular meditation practice on your own can be hard.  These weekly meditations are designed to assist you in establishing that space for yourself.

The focus of the meditation is different each week recognizing the ever-changing nature of your existence and uniquely individual path.  It is designed to provide practical tools and techniques with which you can more confidently navigate your journey through the twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows inherent in living as spirit in the physical world.

Meditation can assist you in more effectively and efficiently giving to others, without draining your own valuable resources. Helping yourself can help others.

If you are interested, have questions or would like further information, send me a comment on this post with the best way to contact you and I will be happy to talk with you some more.

Help is always available!

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