Blog Title: When is a healing not a healing?

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Have you ever received a healing, massage or other type of bodywork or therapy session and left feeling worse than you did before the healing?

On more than one occasion when I experienced this, I realized that the healer made a decision or judgment call about where they thought I should be and tried to get me to that place without first really looking at what I wanted.

Even though that judgment call may have been made with the best of intentions, based on their expectations of what a healing should produce, i.e. improvement in wellbeing, relief from pain, stress, etc., unless they are able to put their ego and emotions aside, the result of that healing session may in fact be the complete opposite.  The person receiving the healing may be more affected by the healer’s judgment than they are able to benefit from the healing itself.

I was reading a letter to the editor in Massage & Bodywork Magazine a while back from a massage practitioner who was irritated that so few practitioners incorporated abdominal massage into their sessions because she believed there were so many benefits to manipulating the abdomen.  This is akin to saying “I’m going to do this for your own good, whether you like it or not!”  In my experience, the abdomen is very often a highly sensitive area, particularly for women.

This is why neutrality, clear communication and acceptance play such a vital role in the healing arts, particularly when there is direct physical contact involved.

Each of us is on a unique path of growth and development, both spiritually and physically.  Most of us have spent many lifetimes, learning and accumulating experiences that lead us to where we are today.  A healer who can separate from their ego will recognize and respect that and accept where you are.  From this point, they can see who you are as a spirit and how they might best assist you along your path, in other words helping you release and heal what you would like to.

This is what I teach in my Intuitive Touch Healing Program – how to grant space to each and every individual, how to offer unconditional acceptance and how to facilitate the path to wellness that is unique to each of us.

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