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Even when we know differently, we often fall into the trap of assuming that everyone sees and experiences life the same way we do, and it can come as a surprise or shock when we have a moment of realization that shows us otherwise.

Simple example:  My sister was driving with her oldest son in their home county of Sussex, England and passing beautiful green fields lined with red poppies.  She made a comment in passing about the poppies and how lovely they were, but didn’t receive any response from her son.  A few minutes later it dawned on her, he hadn’t seen the poppies because he was color blind.

Logically, we are aware of our differences – cultural, religious, political, skin color, gender, etc.  These are the simplest and most obvious differences to recognize.

There are, however, inumerable other more subtle differences between us all that are not so easily recognized and the lines or boundaries of which can easily become blurred.

For instance, there are those of us who see the glass half full and others who would see the same glass half empty.  When faced with a challenge, some people will see an opportunity, whereas others will see an insurmountable obstacle.

When you look at the world, do you see the beauty of the oceans, coastlines, mountains, lakes, countryside and the colorful diversity of people and cultures?  Or do you see a war-torn, turmoil filled, polluted, divided, unfair and inequitable, doomed planet?

How we see things can be influenced by many factors.  For instance, if you are brought up to believe the world is a dark and scary place, filled with strangers you can’t trust, then your perception of life will likely be considerably influenced by that energy and concept.  On the other hand, if you are taught from day one that the world is a beautiful playground of opportunity for growth and happiness, your experience of life will likely be more positive.

Of course, I am giving examples of extremes or polar opposites here, and there are obviously countless shades of grey in between.

Another major influence on your perception of life is the prevailing trend at any given time.  What I mean by that is the wave of energy that succeeds any particular change or event on a global or even local level.  Right now it’s fairly safe to say the prevailing trend is one of fear, negativity and depression.  We are in a global economic crisis, facing global warming, diminishing natural resources, rising unemployment and the like.

So, we have a choice…..

Do we wish to see the current challenges as opportunities for growth, change and the betterment of mankind, or do we focus on the negative – we’re doomed, the planet is going to self-destruct, we’re headed for a nuclear holocaust, or armageddon!

When I practice Intuitive Touch Healing, I very often look at the polarity of the energy in a person’s universe.  Sometimes the healing session can simply be assisting them in changing the polarity of their energy from negative to positive.  Rather than seeing the glass half empty, I help them to see the glass half full.  Rather than focusing on an insurmountable obstacle in their life, I help them see an opportunity for growth and change.

Are you caught in a downward spiral of negative energy?  Would you like to change that?

What color would you like your world to be?  Paint it that color and see what happens!

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