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godly skyA while back I wrote an article entitled “What type of healer are you?” in which I addressed the many different ways in which one can be a healer.

This time I’d like to focus on the countless ways we can give, receive and experience healing, paying particular attention to those smaller miracles that many times go unnoticed, or are brushed off as nothing to write home about and yet which, oftentimes, create a huge impact.

We live in a nation – and I’m addressing the United States right now – where bigger and faster is better and biggest and fastest is most definitely best. Yes, this is slowly beginning to change and there is a growing trend of getting back to basics, recognizing the value in who we are and what we already have rather than always wanting something more.

However, the “wow factor” continues to prevail in many areas including the field of health and wellness, be it physical, spiritual, mental or emotional. Remedies must be proven and show immediate results. Technology must continue to advance, improve and outdo yesterday. New therapies promising a cure-all continue to emerge.

The nature of life on this planet is to grow and change, learn and progress. So it is only natural to seek advancement, improvement and betterment, and the world has indeed benefitted greatly from advancements in medical and health care. However, it is equally important to find and recognize value in the smaller, seemingly less significant moments and events in life.

Sometimes we appear to be on a runaway train that whisks us along so fast it is hard to catch our breath, let alone take a break and get off, sit and watch the stars, listen to the birds or watch a rose bud open.

So let’s look at some examples of healing that do not make the news, would hardly raise an eyebrow and mostly go unnoticed.

* You wake up one morning, filled with the weight of everything you have to accomplish. You begin your morning routine of showering, dressing, eating, etc. with a sense of dread and feeling overwhelmed. You open the curtains and catch sight of a spectacular sunrise. The sky is filled with color – pink, blue, red, gold and orange. It stops you in your tracks. In that brief moment you find relief from the pressure of your responsibilities, duties and “have to’s”. You see the beauty in life. You receive a healing. Thank you mother nature!

* You are driving to work with what appears to be the entire population of the world. Stop and go, stop and go, but mostly stop. You can feel your blood pressure rising. You come to the toll bridge crossing, crawl up to the toll booth with money in hand. The toll operator tells you that the person in front of you paid your toll and waves you through. This surprises you, amazes you and makes you smile. Another healing…..

* You are going out to your favorite coffee shop for a treat. You joincoffee the line of people waiting to order. After 5 or 10 minutes, you are next in line. A person comes through the door, in obvious discomfort and struggling to walk. You offer to have them go before you, rather than wait in line. Their face lights up and they thank you profusely. For a moment their discomfort is eased. You have both given and received a healing through your actions.

These three examples may seem simple and insignificant to you. Perhaps they do not compare to finding a cure for disease or illness, but in each case they momentarily lightened someone’s load, changed their energy and possibly altered their outlook on life.

Open a door for someone, allow a person to go ahead of you, offer someone in difficulty a hand, smile at the person across from you, recognize the value in each and every person you come across in your daily life….. Not knowing the outcome of your healing gesture, does not lessen the impact on that person’s life.

summer sunsetTake time to stop and watch the sunrise or sunset, look for the rainbow when it is both raining and sunny, admire the beauty of the full moon, take note of the change of the seasons and notice the effect these things have on your life and your outlook.

That is healing in it’s simplest, purest form.

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