Blog Title: Sensitivity – a strength or a weakness?

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Typically, I believe most people automatically think of sensitivity as more of a weakness than a strength.   A sensitive child is prone to cry more easily, blush quickly, hesitate to speak when questioned, etc.  These emotional responses are perceived as weaknesses.  A stronger child would stand up for himself, fight back the tears and know what to say when asked a question.

We are taught to bite the bullet and toughen up, to plow through the energy that presents itself – this is the game we have to play if we want to achieve our goals and be successful in life!  But what are we missing in the process?  When you charge through a place, situation or event with the sole goal of reaching your destination unscathed, what are you blinding yourself to?

Life is a journey with much to see and experience and SENSE.

What if those sensitivities were to be looked at in a more positive light?  Rather than seen as a negative trait – something to be mildly embarrassed by, or part of you that you feel the need to hide from others – perhaps they can be built upon and, in the end, emerge as even greater strengths than mere braun.

Simply put, when someone is sensitive to something, they are experiencing that phenomenon differently than others – their awareness is heightened in one or more areas.

Your physical body is a finely tuned machine equipped with a host of sensory organs that assist you in navigating your way through life.  Those senses can help you distinguish between positive and negative, safe and dangerous, dark and light to name just a few.

Add into the balance your spiritual essence and abilities – your intuition – and you have a neverending supply of sensitivities and awareness to dip into, develop and, as a result, deepen your experience of life.

Would you like to tune into your sensitivities, both physical and spiritual, and enrich your life experience? Consider trying an Intuitive Touch Healing session.  Intuitive Touch Healing is designed to recognize and validate your unique abilities and sensitivities, to help you bring them forward so that your awareness is increased and you can get more out of life. 

Intuitive Touch Healing helps you re-connect physically and spiritually – it helps you tap into the wellspring of information you already have, but may not be aware of.

Don’t be a bull in a china shop! 

Stop and smell the roses occasionally.  Take time to watch a sunrise or sunset.  Notice how you feel and what you learn.  Allow your sensitivities to guide you, strengthen you and support you through life!

You may be surprised at the strength that emerges!

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